Rick Baxter Consultancy is a registered provider of supports with NDIA. The two areas that have been approved for registration are

  1. Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages, transitions and supports, that means support with;
    • coordination of complex supports,
    • life/transition planning and mentoring and
    • peer support
  2. Management of funding for supports in a participant’s plan, that means support with;
  • financial intermediary set up, processing and activities associated with looking after the clients funds

I have been working in the sector in Tasmania for approximately 20 years, working in the Government, Non-Government and private sectors.

I am independent of current providers in the sector and am not constrained by organisational, policy, financial considerations or politics that can get in the way of providing what the client needs.

What I do, is work for the you!

Don’t just participate in a program, Participate in Life!