darren“Headway rebuilding lives (Hrl) engaged Rick Baxter to conduct an employee satisfaction survey to follow up on previous surveys. Hrl is in the process of organisational renewal and this survey is a vital component. Rick Baxter provided comprehensive analysis of the collected data that has allowed for clear strategic planning regarding organisational and employee directed change. It was great to work with someone who has the knowledge of our business and understands our employees, thanks Rick, well done!”

Darren Osborn – CEO – Headway rebuilding lives
July 2012



Mark Mason

We engaged Rick Baxter to conduct a half day Governance training session for our Board of Management, and to sum our experience up in one word would be ‘engagement’!  

Rick really cared about delivering quality tailored services that will actually add value to your organisation, not the same stock standard sessions that others run.

We would certainly recommend Rick Baxter to other organisations.


Mark Mason, Chair : Speak Out Association of Tasmania
Coordinator Strategic Policy and Projects
Children and Youth Services
Department Health and Human Services



Participant comments from workshops that Rick has conducted:

  • Good value of information in a one day workshop.  Found it reinforced prior understanding and learnt some new things!  Found the interactions and discussions valuable!  Will be back.
  • I have learnt so much from today.  Learnt to read between the lines and look more closely at what is asked. Great group to work with, thank you Rick
  • That they should do this course and have an open mind being a manager.  Look for the bigger picture.  Really well presented
  • Gives a good overview of the role of a new manager.  Puts managing staff in good perspective for me.
  • Great facilitator, really useful information, good discussion, interesting, challenging.
  • Good value for confirming knowledge and also building on management experience.


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